Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday, a Day Late

Hello everyone!

Let's not mention my unintended blogging hiatus, k? Life continues to be crazy. Let's stick with that. 

Anyway, yesterday was my 25th birthday! Matt unfortunately had to work but as I didn't have classes, I got to enjoy a day to myself. However, before Matt left we opened gifts. Yes, at 6:15 in the morning. Can you blame me? I didn't want to wait all day! I'm very blessed by my family as I loved everything I received, including this cookbook. I'm fairly obsessed with my Cooking Light magazine so this is pretty perfect! Matt was also pretty excited by this one as it means more baked goods for him. Win win!

After he left, I went to go work out and found this fun surprise on my heart rate monitor:
My own little birthday cake! How fun is that? I got a good work out in, did a little bit of school, and then headed out to treat myself to lunch. I had received several emails offering me free food for my birthday, so how could I resist? I ordered a delicious salad from Which Wich (I highly recommend getting their gyro as a salad-- you can even convince yourself it's pseudo-healthy) but of course didn't get a picture. Sorry. 

After lunch, I walked around Central Market and didn't buy anything. Why did I go? I could and I really didn't want to do work. I then headed to Academy, hit up their clearance racks, and bought some work out clothes I've been needing. Finally I went home and did a little bit more school work. After a professor got on to me for working on my birthday, I walked away from my computer and relaxed before Matt got home from work. 

Once he got home, we enjoyed dinner at a local Italian place, got fro-yo, and watched the airplanes take off at an overlook for DFW airport. Pretty good way to end a birthday! 

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  1. So glad you had a good day for your quarter-century milestone! Love, Paula