Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Home Improvement

So now that it is hot in Texas again, I remembered why I told Matt we should do our best to not have a huge western-facing window in our next residence. It lets in so much heat and makes the poor, apartment-grade AC work so hard. We had seen several neighboring units put up sun shades on their patios so we thought that looked like a good solution. 

Off to Lowe's we went and came back home with a 120" box that just barely fit in my car. Seriously, we know now the length from the front of my car to the end of the trunk-- 120". About 90 minutes, one dropped bracket and one dropped screw later (from the 2nd story), we had an amazing sun shade!

As we just put it up last night, we'll have to wait to see how good it does in actually blocking the heat and keeping our apartment a tad bit cooler, but I'm optimistic! 

PS, the packaging said it would take 20 minutes and maybe 2 people to install. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

PPS, anyone else get my title's reference of the 90's show staring Tim Allen? I'm feeling nostalgic today apparently.


  1. Well, at least it was only one screw that was dropped from the 2nd story. Not one of you!

    Hope it works well for you!


  2. Now that ya'll are experienced you can help your parents put them up on their patio? It looks great! Paula

  3. That's a great idea! My office used to face to the west, so I got the heat every afternoon. It was blazing, and I wasn't even in the Texas heat!