Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Things for Friday

I am so happy it's Friday. This week has been exhausting, more so for Matt than me, but we'll get to that in a minute! Here is my list of weekly happenings...

  1. Why has this week been exhausting? Matt's taking 2 summer courses online and for over a week the videos he was supposed to watch were unavailable. The server was down for that long! Anyway, they came back on Monday so he watched 1 lecture Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 2 Wednesday, and finally finished getting caught up last night. Oh, and he works full time, so this involved him going to bed waaay past our normal bed time. In an attempt to be a good wife, I tried to stay up. But after 10 PM, I was out :( We're just happy he's caught up now!
  2. We're going with my family to Disney World next January and I got to make our dining reservations this past week (yup, gotta make them 180 days in advance)! Let's just say we'll be eating at awesome places, like 
    Be Our Guest (as in from Beauty & the Beast)! Source
  3. Matt & I will be running a 5K at Disney, but I decided to push myself even more. I want to run a 10K sometime this fall. Yikes, it's scary actually typing that out- makes it more real! I'm yet to sign up for one because they're not as popular as 5Ks and half marathons. If you know of any in the DFW area, let me know!
  4. We will be making these brownies this weekend for a dinner party. Can you say yum?
    Just minus the nuts; source
  5. It's date night tonight and I have no clue what we're doing. I'm sure whatever Matt has planned will be great, as long as it involves a good bed time! :P
What about you? Any fun plans this weekend?

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  1. After the week y'all have had, a simple dinner somewhere close to home, followed by early to bed, sounds like a great date night to me!