Monday, June 6, 2016

Well that went by fast

And just like that it is summer. Well at least it is my summer 'break,' even if the season hasn't caught up yet. As you could probably infer from my lack of posts, this spring semester flew by in the blink of an eye. It was pretty different from the fall semester as I was teaching graduate-level classes (one online, one that met once/week) but I was able to get several articles published or put under review so I consider that a success!

So what are my plans for the summer? Well I'm definitely not off by any means. I'm teaching a 5-week online course that will end in mid-July and I am also participating in a 7-week online program on course design. I also have several research projects to work on, so I don't think I will be bored! On the personal front, we have several exciting things coming up, namely adopting our first dog (hopefully on Saturday!) and hosting Matt's family for the fourth of July. I will be sure to have more details on both of those, but I am definitely looking forward to both of these events.

I do have some other posts coming up for you this week as we just got back from celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Las Vegas! We had an absolutely amazing time and were surprised at how many different activities we could do in the city that is known primarily for gambling. Here is a preview:

Don't worry, I will have posts coming up this week that go into our adventures and in the meantime I hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. What, no pin-striped suit with wide lapels? Matt could've passed for Machine Gun Kelly.... Glad to see something new, Paula