Monday, June 13, 2016

Vegas: The Food

Congratulations, you made it through all of my trip recaps! For today's main event- food! When I research a trip, I tend to spend a decent amount of time in researching good places to eat. Sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor are a huge help and we have had pretty good luck in finding delicious restaurants while we travel. This trip was certainly no different, though there were a few misses due mainly to poor service. 

Lesson: If you want a nice dinner with good service and good food on the strip, you are going to have to pay at least $50/entree. Otherwise, go off the strip for a good experience.

Given the number of meals we were going to be eating out, we did not want to spend that much so we optimistically made 2 dinner reservations for restaurants that were more 'mid-range' but still not cheap by any means ($25+/entree; Searsucker & Mon Ami Gabi). While the food was good, the service was pretty bad. For example, the servers seemed less than enthusiastic to be there and (I know this sounds petty) they failed to mention it was our anniversary despite it being noted on the reservation. 

However, all of this was in stark contrast to another restaurant we made reservations for which was off the strip and ended up being one of my favorite meals of the trip (Honey Salt). This restaurant was in a more residential neighborhood about 20 minutes away and the service was perfect. The food was also amazing, so win-win! So lesson learned, unless you can really pay the big bucks, for a great dining experience go off the strip!

Anyway, here is a sampling of some of our delicious meals, for those of you who enjoy this kind of thing :)
Delicious BBQ at Rollin Smoke BBQ
This was their original smoker that they had turned into an
aquarium. Yes, there are fish swimming around with the 'meat!'
An appetizer one night of tomato soup with cheese and bacon dumplings at Therapy
Also at the same restaurant, we split this for dinner-
chicken & red velvet waffle sliders. Without a doubt
one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten
and worth every calorie.
One of my favorite restaurants was Honey Salt. We (yes, Matt too!) enjoyed a
delicious appetizer of raw and roasted local fruits and veggies.
We clearly needed it after the meal above :P
Don't worry, we got dessert at Honey Salt, too. Lemon-blueberry bread pudding.
And they celebrated our anniversary by giving us
double dessert- double chocolate brownies! 
We went to Lotus of Siam, a popular Thai restaurant off the strip.
Dude, they don't hold back the spice. I had a northern Thai dish
with chicken and noodles and thought it was spicy.
Until I had Matt's dish which was also from northern Thailand. This was the
epitome of spice but was also delicious! Highly recommend the restaurant!
So one of the restaurants we had bad luck at for dinner ended up having an
amazing brunch (Mon Ami Gabi)! This was Matt's breakfast of apple-topped waffles
with bacon and maple syrup. So good!
The final restaurant we ate at (and the other lackluster one)
was Searsucker. Our delicious appetizer consisted
of homemade biscuits, honey, and butter
And cookies and milk. Yes, the milk came with the cookies. They
were as amazing as they look.
And we finally got to try Sprinkle's cupcakes!
Our chocolate-vanilla cupcake was delicious :)
So there you have it, the reason I am spending a little bit more time working out than normal :P We definitely ate well and enjoyed many memorable meals!

I hope you enjoyed this recap and that it helped show there is far more to Vegas than gambling :)

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