Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Running is Complicated

So I am now solidly into my half-marathon training. Sure, my race isn't til mid-December, but I wanted to take the training slow and steady in case issues popped up. I have a history of foot issues related to running so I especially wanted to make sure I didn't further hurt them. As I just completed my 6.5 mi run today (the FARTHEST I have ever run, by the way), I felt like I should check in and let you know how things are going.

Feet. So on the issue of feet. Dude they're complicated. So I got some orthotics to prevent the issues I was having and they're all well and good. I haven't had any flare ups related to my toes and no steroid injections, so I count that a win. However, before I started training I got new running shoes, and apparently the heel is much thicker than the heel of my older shoes. After longer runs, my right heel was pretty sore. I figured it was the shoes and I would just get used to it. Oh no, not at all. It just got worse. One of my professors/running advisers suggested I try running in my old shoes and sure enough, no pain! So I get to go back to the running store, plead my case, and hope they give me a discount on some new shoes. 

Nutrition. This is certainly a learning experience in proper nutrition! Once you have been participating in exercise for over 1 hour, you have to start replenishing your nutrients while you exercise. You also need to make sure you eat the right things before and after the work out. It is all about getting the proper balance of protein, carbs, and sugars, so I've been trying out different running gus and chews. As Matt and I have started incorporating more weight training into our workouts, we are also making different smoothies with protein powder. The smoothies are certainly delicious and I know Matt hasn't minded us having bagels for breakfast on the mornings of my long runs!

Weather. I haven't run outside in over a month because it has been so hot and humid in Texas lately. We should be getting a cold front soon and I can't wait to be back outside! The treadmill just gets so boring, no matter what podcast is on or what's on TV. 

And that's about it. I know, a real exciting post, but I wanted to chronicle my experiences with my first half and I figured some of you may find it remotely interesting. Feel free to give me any advice you may have for training for a half-marathon :)

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