Tuesday, April 15, 2014


From today, Tuesday April 15 (happy Tax Day?), it is:

  • 16 days until I am done with classes for this semester.
  • 17 days until I start studying for comps full time.
  • 23 days until Matt takes his LAST final. 
  • 39 days until we move. 
  • 43 days until our 3 year wedding anniversary. 
Wow this semester has flown by! It is hard to believe all those dates are getting so close. I threw the wedding anniversary in there for fun because it's crazy to think it's only/already been 3 years (but in a good way, promise!). 

Matt will only have to study 3 more weekends. That's it. But then my comps studying picks up big time. I've been working on my cite lists for the three exams and so far I have over 20 pages of single-spaced list of cites. It is most definitely a lot of readings but I have to think positively. It isn't things I have to read but things I get to read. Yes, that's how I'll look at it. You can help me with that in a few months when I'm going crazy, k?

I'm so excited for Matt to be done. We will have quite the celebration when he's done! He hasn't decided what he wants to do yet, but I imagine it will involve good food and gifts. We shall see! 

Right now life is in a holding pattern. Waiting for school to be done. Waiting to start studying for comps full time. Waiting to move. Waiting for summer travel to see our families. It is a lot of waiting. 

Oh, speaking of waiting, I did get my car door handle fixed in case you were wondering. Still waiting to hear from Hyundai if they will cover the cost but my fingers are crossed!

I know this is a random post, stream of conscious style, but that's my mind today I guess. Hope you don't mind!

Oh, and just for fun: 
I think I could use this work out tank... just kidding! Sort of... 

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  1. 12 days til your aunt gets to visit with you again, however briefly!