Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well this past Saturday we submitted the application for our new apartment and it was approved on Monday! We will be moving into a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment at the end of May. It isn't the floorplan we originally wanted, but the other one was unfortunately taken right before I submitted our desire to hold it. While this new one is on the third floor, we will have a lot more square footage than the current place and our view is even better! Instead of looking over a parking lot or into another building, we will have a wooded area/creek view. Plus, the second bedroom is a lot larger than the study was in the original floorplan so our office will be awesome. I'm so happy to have the separate study space!

We are definitely excited about getting a new place, especially when our management seems to be going downhill. Yesterday we got a notice on our door that our water bill was late. During our entire 3 years at this complex, the water bill was always due at the first of the month as part of the rent check. However, the water bill notice had its own due date about a week or so prior to the first of the month. It was never enforced and we were always told just to make it part of the rent check. So imagine our surprise when we we got the notice yesterday saying we were late! We don't mind paying it separately; we're just confused why they just now started enforcing that. Oh well...

Now that our move-in date is settled, we are now in the process of finding movers. We spotted a few on Yelp with positive reviews and they have provided estimates but we don't mind shopping around more. Any one have recommendations on finding good movers? Any other moving tips?


  1. Movers? That's what family & friends are for! Just promise a Burger Doodle lunch & FREE exercises.... Meanwhile, I'm glad to hear there will be a second bedroom in case my brother refuses one of my invitations to take me in! Love, Paula

  2. Congratulations! A move is always exciting..exhausting, but exciting. Sounds like your new place will be awesome!