Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday

I am so happy it's Friday. This week has been something else. Really, this month has and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon between Matt being super busy at work and both of us being super busy with school. Oh well, such is life. 

1) How is it the last day of January? I just don't understand...

2) For our dating-anniversary/Valentine's Day gifts, Matt & I bought ourselves the Roku 3. This is a huge upgrade from our old school Roku 1 we bought right after we got married. It's a lot faster and the quality is much improved. Plus we can watch some of our shows (hello Sherlock!) without having to plug in my laptop to the TV. It's the little things in life, right?

3) I have a late night class on Thursdays that doesn't get out til 9:45. Add in a 30-40 minute drive and that makes for a really unpleasant Friday morning. But we survived week 3 of this semester. Twelve more to go.

4) I have an appointment today to get fitted for my orthotic inserts. See, ever since I started running more, I've started having foot issues. At first the podiatrist gave me these mean evil steroid injections and a pad to put on my foot when I run that gave me painful blister. Clearly that wasn't going to work long-term so when I asked for another solution, he recommended the orthotics. So here's hoping they fit my shoes, they don't cause me too much pain, and I don't have to receive any more injections!

5) Don't tell Matt, but we had 3 vegetarian dinners this week. I'm not making us go vegetarian or anything (I love my dad's steak way too much), it just happened. The recipes were easy to make and turned out to be delicious-- win win! But before you get really worried, we're making up for it by having burgers tonight. Yum!  

So what are your plans for tonight? I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Anyone else have trouble getting the photo to appear? I've tried 3 times, gave it plenty of time.... now I'm dying of curiousity! Paula

  2. My plans tonight are to catch up on my favorite blogs!! so far, so good:)

    Yes...i couldn't see the image either :( Very curious. Hope you have a fabulous "meat-eating" weekend!