Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Recap

If you have looked at my blog lately, you may think the only thing we do is eat. This post will unfortunately be no different. However, rest assured that we not only ate well this Easter, but spent great quality time with Matt's family in Austin and I had a successful shopping trip to boot! Getting time off from school to celebrate what God did through Jesus was much needed and I am having a hard time getting back to the routine of things. So I can relive some of those happy memories, here is my recap :)

Matt & I started off Friday by working out and then driving a few hours to Lockhart, TX. This is known as the BBQ capital of Texas so we had to stop for lunch at Black's BBQ

Best. Decision. Ever. I had been warned their beef ribs were huge and that felt like a challenge to me. They were right.

See? Huge! I also had 1 slice of brisket and 2 sides. Don't worry, I did not eat the entire thing- there was so possible way to do that. The rib was not only huge but also expensive ($12.70 on its own). I enjoyed it, but it was a good once-in-a-lifetime thing. Matt enjoyed his brisket and sausage as well, though he preferred the brisket. 

After lunch, we headed to Matt's parent's house in Austin. Now begins the hodge-podge of pictures of various walks, games, and dishes that were enjoyed. 

Lindsey's (free) picture with the Easter bunny!
Part of our Easter feast. Sloppy joes, mac & cheese, broccoli cheese bites

Post Easter feast walk
Easter feast dessert. The best chocolate cake ever.
Playing a very addictive card game. So much intensity.
Easter morning cinnamon rolls

Matt's parents even got us Easter baskets! I love that and now the huge amount of candy is tempting me as we speak (AKA I type).

Hope you also had a great Easter!

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  1. Envy! Envy! After seeing several programs on Food Channel about Lockhart, I've always wanted to visit -- but with stops at SEVERAL of their famous BBQ joints. Now I have to start making definite plans.... Paula