Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hardy Update

So this post is really for my aunt Paula who has all but given up on me updating my blog. Look-- a new post! Hooray! Plus, we have important things to discuss, namely how our new dog Hardy has been adjusting.

On Valentine's Day we got him a nice treat from the local
dog bakery. We didn't get ourselves anything, but we did have
to get him something :)

Watching people from the study

Yes, he loves cuddling.

Static fur FTW
In short, he has adjusted. He has more than adjusted. He has made himself quite comfortable in our home and firmly established himself as the center of our lives (he would like to think so, at least). Hardy really is quite happy and I am so glad that he doesn't seem to hold on to any of the issues he had from his first few years of life. 

He loves going under blankets.

It wasn't even particularly cold that day- he just burrows
While his isolation anxiety is gone, there are occasions where he decides to use kleenex or magazines as chew toys, completely ignoring all of the toys on the floor. We have just started keeping those items away from his reach and that has solved that issue. 

He only looks innocent...
Hardy absolutely adores walks. And when we get home. Those are the highlights of his day and it is adorable watching him jump and run around the house in circles. He hardly barks (we are so lucky!) but when he does, you know it is because he thinks you are ignoring him. 

He apparently thinks stats are boring.
I could go on and on but I can't make it too obvious that I am a crazy dog-mom, or is it too late for that? :)

Yes, we got him a sweater. My defense is it gets really cold
here in north Texas. You can tell he appreciates
having it on during our walks! 


  1. He burrows because of the terrier part of him. He's looking for rats and other burrowing vermin!


  2. Thanks for the posts; I'd almost deleted the link from my favorites! And maybe you need to hide a squeaky-toy rat to satisfy his urge to hunt? So can we hear next about how he did with his new babysitters while ya'll were in England? Paula