Monday, September 14, 2015

I Love Home Ownership

Or not. I'll let you be the judge. 

So a few nights ago we wake up at 1:30 AM to what sounded like a heavy rainstorm, except the noise was coming from inside our house. Obviously not good. Come to find out the water supply line for one of the toilet upstairs broke, spraying a large amount of water everywhere. There was enough water to start leaking into the formal dining room below. And by leaking, I mean streaming. Out of the AC filter. And the ceiling. Yeah, it was fun. Matt quickly turned off the water and we were able to get a water restoration crew out to clean up the mess. 

This is after the water has been removed, but before all the fans were put in.
The vent where the water was gushing out. If you look
closely, you can see some cracks where the water was flowing, too.
The guilty water supply line...
And ALL of the fans and dehumidifier in the dining room.
Can't forget about the octopus, used to dry inside the wall.

Upstairs, taking up the carpet to dry the floors.
We had these large fans and dehumidifiers in our house for a little under a week. During this time, we were pretty much confined to living in either the study upstairs or our bedroom because it was quite loud. Seriously, when we cooked in the kitchen we wore earplugs. We moved a card table, chairs, and TV into our bedroom, so that certainly helped, but after 4-5 days, we started to get antsy. 

Fortunately, our insurance agreed to cover all of the repairs, so the deduction we have to pay will go quite far. Along with all the drywall repairs and whatnot, we'll be getting new carpet upstairs and new flooring downstairs. That obviously adds new complexity to our already-busy lives, but it is a good stressor when it is all said and done. We were very fortunate that we were both home when the burst happened (Matt had just gotten home from a business trip the night before) and we caught it fairly quickly. The damage could have been much, much worse so we count ourselves blessed!

I do have to say that while home ownership does have its downsides, we are still glad we bought this house. It's only been 5 months but we've had a lot of fun already and consider it home. 

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  1. Look at it this way -- what's left to break?!?!?? I'll knock on (dry) wood for you.... Love, Paula