Wednesday, April 29, 2015

House Tour

And I now present to you, less than a week after move in, a tour of our new house! All of the boxes are gone and everything has a home. May not be its permanent home, but it is in some place. We just have to hang curtains and put some pictures on the wall. Without further ado...

The study; the walls are more blue than they look in the photo
We will eventually get new furniture in here so everything
matches. Also I think I need more bookshelves...

Living room looking into kitchen.
Please ignore the mess on the coffee table.
And also ignore the art sitting on the floor in front of the
fireplace. Ultimate location TBD
Dining area
Master bedroom

The man cave/Matt's study upstairs. Will ultimately have a TV & sofa in the back half.
I spy Nerf guns
And the prettiest room in the house, the guestroom!
I can't wait to have people here to stay! :)
Formal dining room; this set is from my grandparents

Entryway table (also a piece from my grandparents)
So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures!


  1. Wonderful! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Looks great - what fast work! I'll also be seeing it soon.... HAPPY HOUSE, Paula