Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

That felt like a fitting title given today's weather conditions. Starting yesterday afternoon, sleet started falling from the skies. I left campus as soon as my class got out around 3 and what was normally a 35 minute drive took a little over an hour. So many other people were leaving work early and though the roads hadn't froze yet, the ice trucks were busy doing their thing. 

Then Matt was supposed to have a final last night at 6. He stayed at work thinking he would have to go to take the final and then at 5 he found out it was postponed a week. So then what was normally a 30 minute drive home became a 90 minute traffic-ganza. Poor guy :(

Thankfully we are home safe, power is still on (knock on wood!), and we have no reason to leave for the next several days. Matt already had this Friday off so that worked out rather well. 

This is what we woke up to this morning:

A little later in the morning; several trucks had issues making it
up that hill in the adjacent parking lot
 The plans for the day are to stay warm, do some school, and watch some movies. I'm just hoping & praying our power stays on! A lot of others have lost power already so we are fortunate to still have ours. The sleet is supposed to stop around noon but will be below freezing until Sunday. Here's to a lazy weekend?

What are your plans? Hope you stay warm and safe if you're getting hit by the storm!

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  1. Wish I could send ya'll some of the heat & humidity we STILL have in Nawlins - at least until the front hits us tomorrow! But check your fridge, pantry & cookbooks: a big pot of home-made soup, any kind, sounds advisable.... Love, Paula