Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday, catch up addition

Howdy everyone! Happy August. I know, I'm late. We're halfway through August already and this is my first post. Oops. We have had a few happenings and have a few more coming up!

1) First I have to brag on my amazing husband! He got a promotion last week and definitely deserves it! I'm so proud of him :)

2) We got to experience the amazingness of home-living when we house-sit for some friends who were on mission in Poland for a week and a half. It was pretty awesome having a large kitchen, master bath, and so much square footage (especially compared to our little 1-bedroom apartment)! Oh, and did I mention it was on the lake? This was our view.

3) Do you recall me telling you about Matt's mystery date and he would send me clues about it? Well, it is this weekend! Well, part of it. We are doing the fancy hotel stay this weekend and then the following weekend going to the nice restaurant (due to DFW restaurant week confusion). I know where both are and I am pumped.  
Omni Fort Worth, source
Not the location of our fancy dinner, but we still have to eat this weekend, right?
Uno's is just down the block from our hotel. Om nom nom! Source
4) The summer semester is OVER. Matt finished his last summer classes this week and we couldn't be more excited. He only has 4 classes to go and he has his MS! Intended graduation date of May 2014. Only 2 semesters to go...

5) Speaking of school, it starts soon. Aug 26th to be exact. I'm looking forward to having a schedule again-- our lives have been a little crazy these past few weeks-- but then again, that means exams and papers. Yay?
Don't some of my books sound awesome?
So what's going on with you? How have you celebrated August?


  1. 1. Hooray, ya'll are alive!
    2. Congratulations, Matt!
    3. Have a good mystery date, but don't eat too much!
    4&5. Enjoy!!
    Love, Paula

  2. Umm, don't you have an educational milestone of your own to mention?

    Have a great weekend at the Omni!


  3. We stayed at the Omni in Fort Worth!! It was SO cool. A super nice place but with so many Texan touches. Loved it. Hope y'all had a great weekend together! :)