Sunday, March 17, 2013

Quick update!

Howdy everyone! This post is especially for my beloved mother & aunt, who wanted to know if I would ever post an update. I have been meaning to, so they provided me the boost to post! Thank you Mom & Paula! :)

This is the last day of my spring break and it has been a very eventful one. I was able to do some good school work, but we also had my sister-in-law visit, adventured down to the West End in Dallas to see a museum and eat lunch, and we bought Matt a car! I will post a detailed update later of some of those events, but below is some quick photographic evidence.

I hope you are all doing well. Any specifics you want to know? Anything about grad school? Grading undergraduate papers? Buying our first car? The recipe for these delicious apple crisp pancakes?

Amazing apple crisp pancakes! Seriously... so much amazing texture & flavor
We did not buy this, but it is a 2 lb chocolate bunny!
Lindsey & me with beaters from making oreo cheesecake cookies.
This is me paper-writing. Matt wanted to document our standard weekend activity
And playing the Game of Life with Matt & Lindsey


  1. THANK YOU for the update! Even though I had direct knowledge of some of the events mentioned, I didn't have all the details. Please be prepared to make the apple crisp pancakes for us the next time we're together at breakfast time! I guess you can send the recipe just in case we get motivated to make them ourselves, but I know we'd love to have you make them for us!



  2. You're pretty hidden in the photo of you writing, but I'm glad to have visual evidence of your continued existence! I had a great time with your niece this past weekend, and hope you can be there for my next visit, as yet unplanned... Love, Paula

  3. ummm apple crisp pancakes?? Yes please!!

  4. Lol we saw a big chocolate bunny like that at Target! I offered to get it for Donny, but he wasn't down with it for some reason... Hahaha. Glad you had a good spring break (even though it was filled with school work)!