Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

This may be shocking, but we actually did things this weekend more than just study! I know, it's crazy, but as may have read in my last post, Matt & I traveled to College Station this weekend to celebrate our 5-year date-a-versary. We did a lot of eating and campus touring like I imagined and it was absolutely amazing. It was fun & relaxing and so great just to get away for a day. 

When we drove in Friday, we were surprised to see so much construction...
Large apartment complex being built across from campus... totally changes the skyline!
New dorms on campus...
We ate dinner at Christopher's and it was delicious as expected! When we arrived, we were surprised to see this sign:
Texas A&M President Dr. Bowen was there as well. Unfortunately we didn't see anyone 'famous,' but it was still cool!
Had to take pictures of the food...

"Heaven and Hell" cake- layers of vanilla pound cake, devils food cake,
and peanut butter. Jessica's dream dessert right there...
The next day, we headed to the campus of A&M to walk around. Since it was fairly early on a Saturday morning (about 9 AM) it was deserted which made for some awesome pictures.
Inside the new Memorial Student Center
Academic Building
More new construction...
Before lunch, we ended our campus walking tour at 'our' bench, the place where Matt proposed.

Self-portraits for the win.
As I said, it was great to get away for 24 hours and go back to a place with so many great memories! Now back to the grad school grind...

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