Friday, January 18, 2013

Five for Friday

With the semester kicking in gear, I figured I should kick blogging back in gear, too! Here are the 5 random things I thought I would share with you.

1) School started this week. Crazy that I'm in my second semester of my second year of grad school! My classes seem interesting thus far but it isn't the classes that will keep me busy- it is all the extra stuff. TA duties, research for conferences, research for publications, editing papers, etc. Dude. It's a lot to handle. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who understands when I run around looking for a piece of paper to jot down all the miscellaneous tasks I have to do. 

2) Matt's planning date night tonight. I have no clue what we're doing but I'm pretty excited! I don't have to cook OR heat up leftovers for dinner so that's always a plus :)

3) On Wednesday evening, Matt and I baked some oatmeal raisin yogurt muffins (the recipe came from a yogurt container, but you can also find it here).We had no clue how they would turn out but wow, were they delicious! And only 160 calories each--not bad for dessert! I highly recommend them.

4) Matt is awesome. He earns his own number each week just for putting up with me. For instance, we were talking Wednesday night about how our classes have been going, what he's doing at work, etc, and I sometimes had to interrupt our conversation to write down random tasks (ex., ASC 2013 topic; email Amazon). He knows me so well!

5) I started going to a body works class at our gym once a week. I'm always so sore the next day from all the weights, but it is definitely worth it. I have been wanting to be more consistent with strength training so this is helping.

I hope you have a great weekend! Since no post is complete without an image of some kind, here you go:


  1. Wow. Trying to wrap my head around the image of you looking for pieces of paper instead of just keeping a To Do list in your smartphone.... Well, everyone's different! (PS looks like you have Disney on the brain like I do! Can't wait to make ressies on Feb. 4!)


  2. I hope your second week of classes went well and that date night was a success! happy weekend :)

  3. I'll make sure that you inherit all my unused scraps of blank paper for writing reminders. Believe me, it gets MUCH worse as you age: you sometimes have to write a note reminding yourself to check your to-do list! And I'm not even as old as your mother.... Paula